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Lagi pasangan kena serang di dalam PUB oleh kumpulan ala Mafia

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AN airline stewardess and her fiance were set upon by a mob of unruly pub patrons who hurled bottles and glasses at them in yet another incident that has brought security at night spots in question.

Even more alarming was that bouncers just stood still and watched as the couple were violently attacked.

The 29-year-old stewardess, who requested anonymity, claimed she was dragged out to the roadside by the attackers after she attempted to flee Chills pub at Phileo Damansara 2 on Sept 23.

She sustained bruises on her forehead and internal bleeding after the ordeal while her fiance was given 18 stitches on his head after being hit by liquor bottles.

Security in pubs has become a concern among the authorities and patrons following cases of brawls, but the one that caught the most attention was the shooting of two bouncers outside the Madurai pub in Heritage Row on Aug 26.

In the latest incident, the couple approached The Malay Mail to express concern over apathy or uncaring attitude of the bouncers and pub owner during the attack.

The stewardess said she and her fiance had gone to the pub at 3am when suddenly one of the patrons groped her from behind.

Her fiance at the time was talking to a friend.

“Since I managed to identify the person, I decided to confront him head-on. I told him to behave and suddenly, someone slapped me on the face.

“The next thing I knew, people started throwing bottles and glasses at me and my fiance,” she said.

The stewardess said they were then violently assaulted by at least 20 men and claimed that no one, including the bouncers and the owner, came to their aid.

“After the mob dragged both of us out of the pub, the bouncers immediately closed the shutters and did nothing. The mob only fled upon hearing the police siren,” she said.

The stewardess said that although the police were actually responding to a different case that night, the sound of the siren had sent the mob running.

“We were lucky because I heard one of them telling his friends to force me into their car,” she said.

The couple then sought treatment at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) before lodging a police report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

The pub owner, who wanted to be identified as Jemma said: “What can a 61-yearold woman like me do to stop the attack, the whole situation was out of control.”

Jemma defended her two bouncers saying they were unable to do anything during the commotion.

“She (the stewardess) should not have confronted the guy herself. If she had told me of the incident, I would have told my bouncers to usher the man out of the club and the problem may not have escalated like it did.” she said.

On claims that she was operating beyond permitted hours, Jemma said the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) slapped her with summonses after raiding her premises two days after the incident.

MBPJ spokesman confirmed that the pub was given a compound of RM3,000 for failure to adhere to permitted operating hours.

Petaling Jaya deputy police chief Supt Tuah Masrom said they received the couple’s police report on the day of the incident. malaymail.

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