Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Wife abuser held after daughter wrote SOS note

A TWELVE-year-old girl, in a desperate attempt, wrote “please save my mum. We are at W1310” and flung the note out of her condominium in the hope that someone would rescue her mother who had been beaten unconscious by her father, Harian Metro reported.

She threw the note out of the 13th floor home in Batu Kawa, Kuching, to save her mother who was beaten with a golf stick and belt.

The note was discovered about 14 hours later but her desperate cry for help almost went unanswered as the woman who picked up the note threw it in a dustbin after doubting its contents, the daily reported.

However, the resident, only known as Mei, 40, had a nagging feeling and returned to the bin an hour later and went to the girl's home.

“I had a feeling. I pressed the bell a few times and saw this traumatised 12-year-old girl and an unconscious woman in the living room with bruises on the face and head,” she told Harian Metro. “I immediately called the police.”

Kuching OCPD Asst Comm Roslan Bek Ahmad told the daily that the 26-year-old Indonesian housewife was beaten up by her husband who suspected her of having an affair while he was at work.

“According to her statement, she was often beaten up by her husband but the latest incident was the worst,” he told the daily.

The 45-year-old suspect has been remanded while the victim had been hospitalised and is in a stable condition, the report said.

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